About Us

Al-Awael as a Concept

We work in a very special way to guarantee a world-class service quality, that keeps abrilliant credit for our company in the minds of our dealers, clients, providers and even competitors. Moreover, management always keep looking for the best ways to develop the team all over the time. By that, we always keep our up-to-date service according to the new facts in the world. Every day is a new experience for us to keep us working on the concept, it’s not a matter of good sales without concept, but it’s a vision and ideology matter.

Our Vision

For more than ten years, Al-Awael Co. has pioneered computer products distribution for empowering the Syrian dream of technology.Our expertness can be clearly seen in our expanded customers’ database, which shows the hard work we did to be a world-class PC services company. The well-trained team completes the mission we started earlier, which has the characteristic of serving our country Syria and raising its name. Our services go beyond providing end-users with our products, the big companies and the governmental establishments witness our great efforts in providing them with all the technical products they need. The most thing serves us is our good reputation among our dealers, customers and even with competitors, that comes of our professionalism through our relations with others. Syria now witnesses a great shift of technology and we really hope to make large steps and to have noticeable place in this shift. That’s why we called our company by the name “Al-Awael Co.” meaning “The Pioneers”.

Our Ideology

What inspires us to do our work contains serving our customers and our country first, and then looking for good sales. For that, our company tried to ensure good after sales services and a powerful technical support for our products. The professional team in our company keeps our customers very satisfied for the results. Our customers’ satisfaction gives us the self-confidence that we need, the success we achieved is the obvious indication to the work we always do.

Our Target

We are trying to do a very good business while serving our country, and keep our customers in a complete satisfaction. Moreover, the most thing we like is giving a good reputation to our products, and working really hard to keep them number one in the computer domain.

Al-Awael Company Profile

Awael Company Locations are:

We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as a leading Syrian company, working in importing and distributing technology appliances. Al-Awael Co. was established in 1998, when the most important IT companies in Syria decided to establish a new company that unites them up. The name of the new company was Al-Awael Co. (Arabic for The Pioneers).


Activities of Al-Awael

Al-Awael Co. distributes high quality IT products into the Syrian market. Moreover, Al-Awael has three main departments, each one is specialized in a domain. For that, Al-Awael Co. works and rises in marketing and distributing the following products.

Computer Department

Al-Awael deals with powerful companies around the world, they have good quality and brilliant brands. these companies are: Creative - Philips - Optiarc - XFX - Pioneer - Proview - Teac - Kebo - Zillion and Hitachi. Working with these companies delivers to Syrian market: Sound Cards - Sound Systems - MP3 players - Portable Media Devices - Graphic cards - Monitors - ODD - UPS & AVR - HDD and a big range of PC accessories.

Media Department

Our company works in ODD and Discs with very famous companies around the world. we deal with: Ridata - Melody - ATI (sister company) - Princo for discs and Copystar - Athena - Teac - Pioneer - Optiarc for ODD.

Maintenance Department

Well-trained engineers to maintain all the problems that may occur in our products.